Business Owners Policy

As a Texas owned-and-operated business, Guardian Insurance and Investments knows first hand that your business is your livelihood. Your valuable time should be spent making the most of your workday, not navigating the complex world of business insurance. Let us handle the details while you get to work doing what you love. We have a variety of coverage options to give you peace of mind and let you focus on doing what it is you do best.

Commercial Property Insurance

If you own or lease a building where your business operates, you need protection if disaster strikes. Guardian Insurance and Investments can assist you with finding the perfect commercial property insurance policy for your needs that can benefit both your business and your pocketbook.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Your business relies on its vehicles on a daily basis, and Guardian wants to ensure that you're covered to keep your employees and commercial vehicles safe and secure with a commercial auto insurance policy that works for you. The weather, road conditions, and other drivers may be beyond your control, but your insurance policy doesn't have to be.

Workers Compensation Insurance

We offer comprehensive workers compensation insurance tailored to your specific needs, providing financial protection in the event of employee injuries or illness. Our coverage ensures medical expenses, lost wages, and protects your business from potential lawsuits. With our experienced team and exceptional customer service, we make the process easy and hassle free. Choose us as your trusted insurance provider to protect your employees and your business.

Cybersecurity Insurance

Guardian specializes in providing cutting edge solutions to safeguard your digital assets and protect your business from cyber threats. Our Comprehensive suite of services includes network security, data encryption, threat intelligence, and incident response. With our team of skilled professionals and state of the art technology, we ensure the highest level of protection for your business safe from hackers, malware, and other cyber risks. Choose Guardian as your trusted cyber security partner and stay one step ahead of the ever evolving digital landscape.

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